Monday, May 12, 2008

One More Week

This was two years ago.....The last time I saw my precious boy. One week from today he will be home! I can't believe it. To everything there is a season, and it was his season to serve. He has had an amazing mission. He has grown in so many ways. He gave it everything he had and has love the people of North Carolina and they have love him. I am so excited to see him enter the next stage of his life. I know he will do great things. Here is his last email to us......

Well family it’s been good. I am not really sure what to write. How do you recapture two years in to one email.

I just want to leave you with my humble testimony. I know that God lives. And I also know that I am his child. He loves me and watches over me continually. He wants to hear from me and as I pray I am able to have open communication with him. He is proud of me.

I know that Jesus Christ is His only begotten son. He lived the perfect life. He suffered for the pains afflictions, sicknesses of the world and also the sins of man kind. I know that He was completely obedient to the will of the Father. I know that He set up his church in perfect for with a gospel that consisted of principles like faith and repentance and ordinances such as baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost that were given by those who had the proper authority to give them.

I know that the authority that was given to Christ’s original apostles was restored back to the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith. And I know that Jesus Christ directs this church though revelation today through the prophet President Thomas S. Monson. The guidance and love that is given is needed today more than ever.

It has been a pleasure to live for the past two years dedicating my live to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people in North Carolina . The experiences that I have had have changed my life for the better. I don’t know if I will ever be able to look at life the same. I have seen the work of the Lord in my life.

My mission has brought trail and experiences of joy and pain and I am grateful for them both. Never have I ever experienced so much on both sides of the spectrum. I have learned that my trails were tailor made for me personally. Most of the time when things began to get difficult I found my self going back the basic principles that brought me the peace I need to over come challenges. I learned about the atonement, I taught about the atonement, I have fell on my face and then I learned about the atonement again.

I must say that I am more nervous and I have more anxiety that I did when I left. There is a whole lot out there but I do know that the things that made me happy on a mission will be the things that will make me happy when I am home. Scripture study, prayers and continuing to rely on the Lord. Some how I have found myself faced with the basics again. I would be lying to you if I told you that I felt ready to go home. It is nothing that you can prepare enough for. Almost as if I didn’t quite learn enough. But in the similar respects I did not feel like I was ready to leave to come on a mission either. It is so interesting to me to compare the feelings of coming on my mission to going home from my mission. New, exciting apprehensive, everything that seems to have come full circle. My mission became home for me. i am grateful for a good family and good friends that will help me make this transition. It will defiantly be a good trip.

I want to close by sharing my gratitude for you love and support. Your prayers were felt and you love was absolute. Life is still pretty amazing and I know that it will continue to do so.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Donna

I have to say when it comes to Mother In Laws I lucked out! She has been amazing person in my life. She accepted me as part of the family ever since Jeff and I were dating. She has always been there for us, she is just a phone call away and is always willing to help. Most of all she is an amazing Grandma. She loves her grandkids with everything she has. I have trusted her with them since the day they were born. She has put so much love and support in to raising them. I am truly blessed!