Saturday, November 29, 2008

So much to be Thankful for

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with Jessika and her family. She was amazing, she cooked everything but the turkey. Jeff smoked and cooked the bird and we brought it to her home. Everything was delicious!! They have a beautiful home with a very large backyard. Kevin and Jess are having their reception there. It was not only Thanksgiving but Jessika's birthday. I am so glad she will be part of our family. Happy Birthday Jess. The day before was Nick's birthday, both of my new kids birthday one day apart. It is meant to be!!

Jeff, Kevin and Duncan took off very early Friday morning to L.A. to see USC football. Jess and I left at the same time to do some shopping. It was fun to get out and enjoy the craziness.

Alysha cooked her own Thanksgiving with their good friends Ashley and Brandon. She out did herself. Everything from scratch, she turned into quite a fabulous cook. Which is amazing because she never cooked at home.

I am so thankful for all my many blessings. I have the most wonderful husband, he loves me so much. I feel it everyday! I am blessed with two great kids. I have the gospel in my life that brings joy beyond measure. Life has it struggles and we have felt them, but with family and friends and lots of faith....Life is Great!


Alysha said...

Good post mom. I love you and I am grateful for YOU

Ashley Nichole Frandsen said...

No, Alysha WE are grateful for her!!! but seriously, We hope you are having a good holiday season and are coping without Alysha and Nick!!

Brandi said...

Hey, I just went private. Email me at so I can add you!